Limo Tour in SF

There’s no doubt about it, San Francisco is a truly an awesome place to go for a vacation. As it may be a bit intimidating to try and conquer the city all by yourself, you may want to look into setting up a city tour with a limo company, who can provide you with a driver who knows the city by heart and can get you to all the popular landmarks and attractions. San Francisco Limo can provide you with the perfect tour.

Deluxe City Tour

Most limo tours in the Bay area will provide a deluxe package where you get to see the sights of this wondrous city without concerning yourself with the host of difficulties that can occur while trying to personally drive around and sightsee at the same time. Like a ten car pileup collision with you and your car squeezed in the middle like an ancient accordion. And you have the added insult to injury of knowing that you caused it. Run for your life, because those other drivers aren’t going to be sympathetic when you tell them you just wanted to get a better look at the Pacific Ocean.

No, you should forget about driving yourself and let a chauffeur from a limo company take care of things for you. Just sit back against the plush seat and relax and enjoy as your professional driver will take you around the city so smoothly you’ll feel like you’re gliding along. Plus, you’re in charge, so you can direct your driver to stop at any time for a close up look at something special, take pictures, to do some shopping, or for lunch. What makes limo tours so great?


That’s the key word here, as a deluxe city tour is yours to create. It’s entirely customizable to your desires and needs. Your options generally include:

  • Choice of vehicle – If you are bringing along a really large group of people, you should give some thought to renting a charter bus.  However, if it’s just you and two or three other people, you could rent a luxury sedan, SUV or stretch limo.
  • Length of tour – It’s really up to you. If you think you’ll be wanting to get out roam about a bit, take pictures, shop for souvenirs, etc, then a longer tour is more your style. However, if you know you and your friends just want to view this wondrous city from the comfort of the car, then you can get a shorter tour.
  • Where you go – One again it’s up to you and your friends. You decide on the places that you want to visit.

If the above reasons haven’t convinced you to take a limo tour, then read up on them and you’ll see that there are many more reasons for traveling by limo. If you are planning a vacation and hanging out with your friends in San Francisco, then take a limo tour to make sure you see all the sights you want to.